Testimonials From Around The Globe

Michelle Phillips looks through the windows of your Soul, into the depth of your Being and takes you beyond your story…

“I’m so glad that I got to know you, what you have done for me is priceless. You have helped me to free myself from a prison that would have probably choked me if I did not come out. “


Sedona, Arizona

“The healing of physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds that regularly happen in her workshops is truly amazing. I strongly recommend Michelle’s work to all persons who are committed to inner exploration and healing.”


Associate Professor in Peace and Conflict Research

“Just bought my 5th and 6th copies of The Creator Heals this weekend!!!”


Stockholm, Sweden

“Very profound information through meditations that man can’t experience ANYWHERE ELSE! This information has cleared up so many things for me, like a domino play, bit by bit, or like completing a puzzle.”


Stockholm, Sweden

“Creator Speaks is a holy manuscript. It is to be read and treated with reverence. It should be read with an open mind and a longing heart.

Since it was first released in Sweden in October 2009, I have read it 4 times. So far every reading is a new discovery. It is as if reading a new book, at least in some parts. Each time some more of its sacred content is revealed to me.”


Stockholm, Sweden

“The experience with Michelle was an amazing journey leading to a long awaited understanding and transformation. Her style and authenticity opens the windows to one’s Soul. I understand all my Being as never before.”


Sedona, Arizona

“My life has changed, or rather, I cannot imagine what my life would look like without the healing from Michelle and Spirit. During these years I have had help with many traumas, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. It has given me knowledge and a deep understanding of myself, my life and the spiritual world.”


Kona, Hawaii

“Since the session and workshop I have not felt the same again. Looking back today it is really as if a spell has been broken from me! I am not the same person as I was before I met you. I feel as if I have evolved and become an even better human being, I just feel free! FREE!”

Vibeke Johnson

Stockholm, Sweden