Testimonials for Michelle Phillips' Souls Awakening

Testimonials From Around The Globe

Michelle Phillips peers into the windows of your Soul, into the depth of your Being and takes you beyond your story…

Michelle is such an amazing light! She is spreading light and love wherever she is! If you have the chance to get in contact with her or to meet her — do it! It is totally worth it!

Michelle’s workshop was an amazing experience, transformative on so many levels. It was a true rebirth as you can say. I was able to let go of so many old things, patterns, fears, emotions and to step into a new lifetime. The weekend opened so many new doors towards the light and I can see the path which I will walk much clearer now. I have awakened — back to myself, who I really am and I know in which direction I want to move, being able to shine my light into the world as well.

I am so thankful that I have met you Michelle! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Julia Gigliona, Sweden

From the bottom of my soul -to the top of the knowledge. I want to thank you so much for your great work: for Awakening me and all others by your workshops.

There are really no words to explain my gratitude that I feel after this weekends workshop. Thank you Michelle and the team around you for Leading me way back to myself.

Fredrik Saloranta, Norrköping, Sweden

I just want to say you are simply the best medium I have ever met. Your humbleness your knowledge… everything. I am so glad I met you!

I can feel the power from the words of ”prayers” that I got from you and The Pineal Gland process is incredible. I have a daily and easy connection with the source, and specially the connection to the Golden cord. I have practiced the Golden Cord when I have some difficult decisions to make! It works like- it cleans the brain! Thank you!!!

I wish you all the best!

Love Birgitta Nilsson, Falun

I’ve participated in a couple of workshops with Michelle, that have been very powerful and profoundly transforming. The healing is from the pure Light and thus really goes deep. That’s what makes me trust Michelle, that she works with I AM and the highest frequencies of Truth and Love.

I have also met Michelle in two private sessions that felt extremely important on my spiritual journey. I have had a rather wild journey with a lot of wonderful but also often confusing things happening. It has involved meeting a lot of powerful magical people, both from the light and dark sides. Since I was never a sprititual seeker, but was abruptly thrown into the spiritual journey a decade ago, I’ve had a hard time understanding why I’ve been so surrounded by all these people and events.

During the sessions, Michelle has been able to sort things out, giving me pieces of the puzzle that have given me the chance to grasp why my journey has been the way it has, and the role of all these people I’ve encountered. It has been invaluable for me to get that information. It has brought me peace of mind, courage and strength to continue the journey. She has also been able to bring me to new platforms through her thorough cleansing of all inpurities that has served their purpose and are ready to go back to the Light. I’m a healer and am able to cleanse things myself, but Michelle, being the Healer’s healer, is able to go much deeper and really transform the soul profoundly, strengthening the connection with Christ consciousness. I am full of gratitude and awe for the work Michelle has done, both with me and for others. Her contribution of healing and assisting  our evolution in these times of transition is invaluable!

Eva, Stockholm, Sweden

“A really true good healer. To meet Michelle is so amazing and special. She has helped me more then another healer and spiritual person I’ve ever met. She has a gift to see through you and the very essence who you are, your prior life’s and what needs to come to you in the moment.

Sometimes the healing energy is so strong that it make your tears pour greatly along your cheek. It is so obvious that she is connected to another dimension when you look into her eyes. When I read her books I can feel how powerful they are. It is not like reading other spiritual books and I have read many. They were channeled through her and the words is revealing the truth and is of the highest light and purposes, the divine. During meditation one move into an amazing dimension together. Even here I’ve found beautiful tools I can use when I meditate on my own. Thank God for creating this amazing soul called Michelle. Lots of love and blessings”

Marie Lemberg

“My experience of Michelle Phillips’ workshop is a delightful bliss. It released SO MUCH old karma and made me finally come in contact with my feelings and my true Self. I experienced a new harmonic connection between myself and my soul that has altered my life in a totally new direction. I have become One with spirit. I am one with God (or the source or whatever you want to call it). I have had the chance to get rid of my old patterns, and now I dare to show myself as the magical being that I am. I’m thankful of this second chance to finally love myself so I can reach out to others and love them for what they are. I can be at ease with people I meet. I’m a totally different person. I wish for all people to come and experience their own magical sphere in this wonderful Workshop.”

With Love, Tina Falck, Sweden

Michelle Phillips can help move you beyond your stories! She looks through the windows of your Soul to share stories often long forgotten, which still adversely affect your present life. Once you become aware of these negative dynamics, she leads you in a process of conscious release, leaving you with a feeling of homecoming and self-rejuvenation.

G. B., Sedona

When people ask me who Michelle Phillips is, I tell them she is “the woman who gave me my life back.”

Annika K., Stockholm, Sweden

“Michelle, in the workshop in Omberg this Easter you brought miracles to us. You did miracles for us and you, Michelle, are a miracle yourself! The pineal gland opening process that you guided us through works wonderfully just as you told us. This has become even more evident during the weeks that have gone since. Boel and I, as well as our son Jakob, are truly happy for having had this 5-day life-transforming workshop. The continuation of the process turns out a little different for us individually, as can be expected, but the blessing of it is just as great for all of us. Our youngest son Isak who attended your workshop in Stockholm shortly after is just as enthusiastic as the rest of our family!

Lars, Boel, Jakob and Isak Jonasson in Sweden.

The experience with Michelle was an amazing journey leading to a long awaited understanding and transformation. Her style and authenticity opens the windows to one’s Soul. I understand all my Being as never before.

Mally, Sedona

Michelle is able to see and release things that no other healer has ever been able to find. She truly changed my life! She gave me freedom, self-love, happiness, and joy. I am forever grateful.

“Thank you, Michelle.” J.C.

Dear Michelle,

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for the process! I am so GRATEFUL!!! It was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. I walked away from the session as a new person, not in a hurry, but determined. I walked away calmly with a new, firm step.

On the job the next day, when I met and spoke to people, it was in a new way. Now I know how it feels to be normal and present. I have to work further; the lack of self-confidence has been there for a long time. I’m sorry to disturb you with this, but I really want to express my gratitude.

I can now see how those past- life experiences have influenced me in this life. They made me shy with men, a feeling of worthlessness.

I saw you on Wednesday and re-listened to the tape the following Sunday morning and discovered new things! My new Parents, Father-Mother-Creator are very nice and loving. My little girl is smiling, but my little boy has no face yet. Once more, I thank you!!!

Love and blessings, Helena, Sweden

Hi Michelle,

I met with you on your 1st visit to Gothenburg Sweden, and I want to send you a tremendously big THANK YOU for contributing so much to the enfoldment of my true self. Listening to the past-life session tape has enabled me to leave so many things behind me. I feel very excited and content with being in a meditative state. There is nothing more I need. This is the experience of it.

With great love and appreciation for your work,
Camilla, Gothenburg

I’ve always carried a vision of home inside of me
Of light, love, freedom safety, truth and joy
Of God
Because of this vision, I chose to stay alive all of the times when I could have died
Because I somehow knew I was destined to be and share it with the world
One lucky day an Angel descended from Heaven
She healed my wounds
She showed me the truth of who I am
She taught me how to go home within
She fulfilled by prophecy
I am forever grateful to you, Michelle Phillips

L. J., Sweden

Three years ago, I participated in two of Michelle’s workshops. I had two days to get in contact with and integrate my inner children and two days to work with my Shadows, my darkness, and stuck energy. Those experiences opened me up a lot and through the healing showed me the way to continue to work with myself. After that, I spent five days in Michelle’s workshop in Omberg, Sweden, which was very special. It has meant a complete life change for me. I finally found the courage to tell my painful story, so full of guilt and shame. I really faced my Shadow and was able to feel through it emotionally. The group was so loving and supportive! Michelle is the only person I have ever met who could face and deeply guide me without any fear, through my hard experiences of sexual abuse, violence, and abandonment.

The next part of the workshop was to open up to the Divine Light of who we really are. I could see my own light Being with the help from Michelle, and how my mission is waiting to be manifested in my everyday life. Without the days in Omberg, I don’t think I would have ever seen it. For that I am forever grateful!

We also had a lot of wonderful laughter and dancing together, and went up to the mountain to burn our Shadows, our written down memories and experiences, in an important ceremony that was very strong.

We had another extremely important part of the workshop—to experience and give healing in a way I had never heard of before—by the pure source energy of Love from the Creator and Mother Sophia. I received this extremely powerful healing twice, and after that I gave someone else a healing. I really felt the pure energy and the healing during the rest of the day and even some days after. When I came home, at once I could practice and give the healing to my daughter. That’s fantastic!

Thank you so much Michelle! This is the very best I’ve ever done for myself in my soon 60-year-old life. I hope many will take the opportunity to do your workshops.

With love from Suzanne

I am sure that no one can get any deeper help or healing than from a Master who has such powerful guidance as Michelle. Jesus and her high spiritual team have such complete wisdom and love that they give back and awaken in us via Michelle. The healings and release sessions that I have received from Michelle are the most powerful, glorious, and deepest that I have ever experienced.

To get rid of your Karmic patterns, rewire your DNA and become reborn—THAT’S BIG!

U-B Evelo, Sweden

During my second workshop with Michelle, I really saw and understood what all of this work has done for me. I have also been doing my homework with all of the great tools and methods that were given to me by Michelle. They are very effective and easy to use. My story is much different from the first workshop and not so emotionally devastating. My Shadow has definitely integrated into my own love and light. I cast upon the Christ within me, many issues and stress factors on my list at my first workshop, and I don’t even recognize them any longer.

Very profound information through meditations that man can’t experience ANYWHERE ELSE! This information has cleared up so many things for me, like a domino play, bit by bit, or like completing a puzzle.

Shortly, in this period that I have gotten to know Michelle, my life has turned downside up! Now I know that I am love and light—a true Master! I’m now going to LIVE and SHOW my love and light to others and myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH MICHELLE. YOU ARE TRULY BLESSED.

Ulla-Britt, Sweden

My participation in several workshops led by Michelle has been a deeply transformative experience. I don’t understand everything that Michelle is doing with the participants, but she has a deep spiritual connection and is able to channel age-old wisdom that gives everyone a possibility to access very deep levels of his or her Soul.

The healing of physical, psychological, and spiritual wounds that regularly happen in her workshops is truly amazing. I strongly recommend Michelle’s work to all persons who are committed to inner exploration and healing.

Mats, Associate Professor in Peace and Conflict Research

When I saw Michelle for the first time in a private session, I was so tired I could hardly walk! She told me who I really am and why things are happening to me. She helped me to let go of a lot of old stuff! That really helped me. Two years earlier, the doctor had told me the cancer in my body had spread to three places in my back and to my lymphatic system. Fourteen years earlier, I had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

I went to the first workshop a week later. There I let go of a lot of old issues. Since then I have done several sessions and two more workshops. It has been like peeling an onion. Michelle helped me peel off layer by layer in the workshops. At the last workshop she used a new method to access very old traumatic memories. This was a process I will never forget! I suddenly remembered when my little sister, 2 1/2 years old, drowned. I was 12 years old at the time, and I can see now that I blamed myself for it. If I had stayed home, it may not have happened, and so on.

Now with my grown up eyes, I could see that it wasn’t my fault. Back then, I took it in and thought that I was to blame for her death and I had no right to live. I didn’t know that I was carrying so much guilt around. I had completely blocked it out.

Michelle has so much experience, and there is so much acceptance and love that I had no problem letting go. You always feel that you can open up to her and tell her anything. She will always encourage you to go deeper and face the pain. After the pain, there is freedom!

Since then, I’m getting better and better. The tumors are shrinking every day. Before the last workshop, the doctor measured the tumors, and two days after the workshop they had diminished by two-thirds already!!! I can really feel that I am getting stronger by the day! We never know what the future may bring, but I feel better about myself than I have in over 40 years. I feel free, healthy, and whole again! Thank you very much Michelle! I can never thank you enough. I think you have saved my life!

In love and light, Michaela

“In 1988 I was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer and given a 20% chance to live. After working with Michelle and her spiritual team, I am now 22 years cancer free, living a healthy, joyous, and abundant life. “Thank you for saving my life, Michelle.”

Diana U., Big Island, Hawaii

Michelle Phillips gets to the core of the problem or issue! Having had several sessions with her, I came out of each session feeling better about my life, my purpose, and myself.

Savannah M.S.R., California

Dear Michelle,

I am writing to you to thank you for all of your help.

I met you the first time in Skelleftea for a private session. You took me back to 3 different past lives which were keeping me emotionally stuck in this lifetime.

It was fantastic to re-live those lives and totally release them. Afterwards I felt as if a spell was broken from me–I literally felt free afterwards! My whole body was vibrating and I felt so dizzy that I was unsure if I could drive home!

After that experience I also went to your workshop that weekend and it was just as great – I loved it!

Since the session and workshop I have not felt the same again. Looking back today it is really as if a spell has been broken from me! I am not the same person as I was before I met you. I feel as if I have evolved and become an even better human being, I just feel free! FREE!

Best wishes from,

Vibeke Johnson (Sweden)

Dear Michelle,

I just wanted to check in with you to thank you for what has been the most powerful healing I’ve had in a single session. Thank you. I am feeling so much more centered. Listening to the tape also brought another healing.

Olivia (UK)

The 11–11–11 five day workshop in Omberg was the most intense, hilarious, life–transforming, love–event one could ever imagine! Superlatives are not enough to describe this so I want instead to give a brief summary to the rest of the world who were not there in person.

Two dozen people spending most of the 5 days on mattresses on the floor in a large room with a great lake and a holy mountain outside the windows. Frequent breaks though, when we sing, dance, laugh and embrace each other. A few tears were shed. Some outdoor and indoor sacred ceremonies also took place. All in a safe, happy and loving manner with respect for the integrity of everyone. This group of souls was safely and gently guided by Michelle and her spiritual team in a “spiritual round–trip” (like a charter travel in the same bus), where everyone had their own experience. Frozen emotions were identified and cleared out. Blockings were pulled out. Actually this could be felt in the physical body as well as the following downloading of new insights performed by the team of spirits. Veils were lifted, illusions were dissolved. For me a visit to the Temple of Isis was the peak experience.

I had another workshop in the same place 2 ½ years previous and some of the participants then I had the pleasure to meet again. I could see how they, just like myself, had healed a lot since the previous workshop. This is no surprise to me because I know, first hand, what a true and great soul healer Michelle Phillips is!

To all and everyone who get the chance to take part in a workshop with Michelle Phillips, I say; GO FOR IT! DO IT!

Lars (Sweden)

Michelle you have had a profound impact on my life, from the first time I met you in Skelleffea years ago, to now. I feel like I am another person, I have come out of my shell.

By taking part in your workshops I have learned to find myself, to find peace within and most of all to love myself and others.

Thank you Michelle,

Much love from Oddny/Sweden

I first met Michelle in the early 90’s. The session and weekend workshop that I participated in gave me such strong experiences and therefore became essential for my spiritual life and interest. It has also meant that I have promoted Michelle since then.

It has been and still is an incredible blessing for me and for my family to get the healing that her spiritual processes have given me in private sessions and workshops.

I have been given the gift to follow her work closely. As a vehicle/channel for Spirit, Michelle has been in constant development from year to year, but also from meditation to meditation where she takes the needs of every group into account.

Michelle is totally confident with Spirit and her strong commitment to her life purpose makes her a warm, loving and humble person. She always says “we” when she channels in lectures, courses and sessions. The “we” means herself and her spirit team. She is called an “intergalactic shaman” which is absolutely true.

My life has changed, or rather, I cannot imagine what my life would look like without the healing from Michelle and Spirit. During these years I have had help with many traumas, emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. It has given me knowledge and a deep understanding of myself, my life and the spiritual world.

I have also received many tools to use in my personal growth and spiritual contact. I use every day the “pineal gland” activation, which is a part of her Masters workshop. It gives me a strong healing ability, strong intuition and the power to create through intent.

Her agreement to channel books from the Creator and the taped meditations from Spirit are a blessing, for her personally a step forward, and for the world a deep understanding of creation.

I am so grateful that we met in this lifetime!

Love you forever Michelle!

Hello Michelle!

Thank you my beloved Spirit Master of Mother Earth.

I am grateful that our paths have crossed.

I am grateful that you have given me lessons to grow into my spirit and my heart.

I’m grateful that I had the courage to step in to that room and Morohojden in the spring of 2004 (I think).

I am grateful that You were given this mission to teach us Angels on the Earth.

I am grateful for everything that You do and so glad that I have met you.

Always, forever in spirit, in love, in light.

We will meet again, soon. In the States somewhere, in Sweden, but of course in the world of Spirit.

In love and light, Ella (Sweden)

I have had the great privilege to have 6 private sessions over the telephone, with soul retriever and soul healer Michelle Phillips. So far these experiences are life–transforming. So much pain, so many emotional blocks, so much suffering and confusion has been released, through Michelle, from my mind and soul! Light and love is brought back. Michelle is always spot on, always compassionate, respectful and professional in the work that she performs with her spiritual team. Several souls in my family and some friends have had the same experience.

As a professional doctor (family medicine/ general practice) I often wish to see healing take place but rarely does it happen other than temporarily. With Michelle, on the other hand, I have every time experienced HEALING in the true sense!

I completely trust Michele’s professional skills, her always present love and her divine spiritual team!

Lars, 63, doctor in Sweden

Michelle I just wanted to tell you that this last session was the most powerful so far.

I was trying to release this lifetime with my mom and aunt all my life. I was actually aware of it because bits and pieces were transpiring through all my life.

My mom has been in a major overall unexplainable pain all of her life and I was quite resentful towards her because she really never mothered me, she was bitter and complaining non-stop. This night after our session the pain was almost gone from her body. She wanted to call an ambulance because she thought that she had lost sensation everywhere!

And me, the lightness is so much more present in my body, which I could never achieve before all of this hard work. I feel that I am standing on a major threshold to finally step into MY OWN LIFE.

I am so much looking forward to finally start living and expanding into Joy and Lightness.

I offer deep gratitude to you and your own journey which allows now so many other souls to heal.

Love from the bottom of my heart, Ekaterina (Sweden)

Hi Michelle

I want to thank you so very much… you brave, creative, open, empathic loving soul… for your help in many ways. Thank you for sharing through your experiences, your self perceived experiences that makes you feel real. Your authenticity is big and genuine and real.

you opened up further new avenues for me to work with and finally I was able to leave and release the old patterns. You have confirmed that I have been on the “right” direction (way) and I was not crazy. Wow, love for and to you and that you are so aware and share all the wisdom you have all the way to Skelleftea.

Thank you for your books!! I really need them and I do understand them. It is easy to understand what you mean.

And finally thank you for helping me (through you) to know Elvy. I wish you and all of you to have the best loving and light retreat on the big Island. (Hawaii)

Namaste, Birgitta S. (Sweden)

Creator Speaks is a holy manuscript. It is to be read and treated with reverence. It should be read with an open mind and a longing heart.

Since it was first released in Sweden in October 2009, I have read it 4 times. So far every reading is a new discovery. It is as if reading a new book, at least in some parts. Each time some more of its sacred content is revealed to me.

An interesting detail; in my last re-reading in October of this year (2011), I noticed again the Creator telling about a pre-historic culture in Egypt, one where the feminine was in power until it was lost. The pyramids and palaces of this epic are hidden in the desert sand and shall be discovered again by mankind now inhabiting the earth. So the Creator tells us through Michelle Phillips and this book.

Then I remembered that earlier in the year, 2011, satellite cameras had disclosed the existence of pyramids and other buildings hidden under the desert sand of Egypt! This was the news worldwide. As I recall it the scientist behind this sensational disclosure was a woman. She had assistance from her father somehow in having access to satellite photographing.

Anyway I do not think that Creator Speaks should be used to prove anything in a three-dimensional concept. It is a truly healing, blessing, holy Scripture to be handled in a sacred manner with the intention to understand more of one’s soul’s highest light, love and purpose!

Lars, (Sweden)

You have done so much and have given to so many. No matter how tired you are you just continue on your way. No matter what obstacles you encounter you move on and find a solution.

I’m so glad that I got to know you, what you have done for me is priceless. You have helped me to free myself from a prison that would have probably choked me if I did not come out. You have helped me even though I could not afford to pay you. You have confirmed what I have experienced so I do not have to feel paranoid. Where I would have been without you only the gods know.

To be your friend means a lot. Before I met you, I had not met anyone who understood what I was talking about. With you I feel so safe, I know that you have experienced most things that can be experienced. You give and give and give, always humbly and openly, without demanding anything in return

Thank you for being in my life, big hug, Annette

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for including us at home, your long distance healing from your the mini workshop on friday in Stockholm.. Even though it was long distance,It was incredible to be a part of the healing process. It was an wonderful experience. I meditated with the group the first 30 min. and felt the connection strongly, lots of love and joy frequencies. I felt very empowered from this meditation. I could feel when you took a short break because the energies felt lower and then the energies became stronger again so I sat in meditation again. For the next 15 to 20 minutes very strong energies came in intermittent waves. I received the waves of energy in my body, the body never lies, letting them circulate. About 8.15 pm the energies subsided.

Thank you again and much love,

Love, light and joy,

Dear Michelle,

I just want to send a short THANK YOU note to you for the BEST EVER JOURNEY to France, it was MAGICAL and WONDERFUL!

I’m extremely grateful for this week that you have put together with your beloved team of happy souls!

I was totally surprised that this trip was “even better” than last time, even though “last trip” was a “life changer” for me!

What is going to happen after this trip? Not a clue, but I feel very “Balanced” and extremely happy to have received yet a deeper level of understanding of several “pervious life happenings”. It all fit in so well, even though it might have been challenging/difficult at the time!

I’m also a bit PROUD that I/we keep our promise to “come” back and meet again after our “liberation” at Montségur last time. I feel you helped us ALL THE WAY and now we are ALL FREE for real this time without leaving the body! Isn’t that incredible! So TIME is not important, but to stick to your promises are.

Stay impeccable with your words as you use to say!

Sometimes I wish I could “have more of you” but I know there are so many people who need your help, so I do my best to take one day at a time and accept things as they are.

But I must admit I love your work and “quick” release of past life blockages, and those seem to have been far too many in my life….

Thank you for the “break through” NOW! THANK YOU!


Who would I be without Michelle Phillips? Possibly struggling with my own lifehistory without knowing how I could come out of it, be sitting in a corner and looking how life is passing by for many others, but not for me – the prisoner of my own past! And yet – even the most supporting and loving husband cannot change this reality for me..First after meeting with Michelle Phillips I could start my own process to realise all emotional staff which was holding me back from living my life fullfilled. Michelle embraced me with warmth and kindness and listened compassionately to my story. Not many people have understood so deeply and clearly what I was going through at that time.

I can definitely tell that meeting with Michelle was only the starting point from where Michelle helped me back into life. With her support during many years working with my emotional unnecessary lifeluggage I found myself, the true one , who I really am – the most significant and meaningful base that was missing in my life, also spiritual. And I can truly testify that this has saved my life! Michelle has helped me to find the way to stay positive, even regarding the most difficult situations that came back again in my life.

I have been supporting Michelle under many years and seen people who came and participated in her workshops, and doing private sessions..I have witnessed how they too have changed..Michelle Phillips outstanding spiritual work and guidance have definitly influenced the transformation and shift of consciousness on many levels for participants.

The lifeguidance I got from Michelle was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. She simply made sure that I would be safe until I found my way in my new lifestory. I could begin standing on my own steddy legs of understanding and knowing myself..and most of all loving and accepting myself as I am. Her presence in my life is absolutely priceless! She is one of the rare but most important people in my life.

I can certainly recommend Michelle Phillips spiritual work and her guidance..she has truely dedicated her life to serve the divine and offer herself as an instrument of spiritual guidance for many.

Miriam Lundgren

Dear Michelle!

I must thank you so much for the days in Sedona.

I was quite closed in my heart and negative, when we came the first evening to the house. So many people I never have seen before. But after some days I felt more safe and home in the group.

I must tell you about the last days, in Sedona, when we met Three Tree in the evening, the drum journey. Suddenly I felt that my heart wanted to open, the rhythm helped me.

I am one in the group from now on!

The last day near the Holy tree when you brought the blessings through from Jesus, I felt so much in my body, the prayer you shared t with me was true. My tears came for the first time in Sedona!

When I sat down, suddenly my whole body started to shake, first in my legs and then in my whole body. My hands and fingers was shaking, my body swinging.

I was not afraid, only happy! It was like Helene, whom I earlier thought was crazy.

Now I am one of you all. Mother Earth talks to me and gives me happiness, love from my heart, I feel so strong.

My lovely husband Lars and I feel more close to each other, we are now from these days a TEAM. Our love has grown.

When we came back to Sweden we moved in to a new house. A new life has started.

One night I woke up and my whole body was shaking and drilling into Mother Earh, and then drilled up and took me to the new house, showed me a place outside the house. There was a place just outside our door which was very bright and strong. This means that everybody that comes to visit us must go over this ground! I think it is an energy Vortex! There is a very strong energy from Mother Earth!

I have woken up several nights shaking, my hands go up and down, and a foreign language comes out from my mouth. I think it is so I can feel more strong when I meet friends! It is so big.
I must keep the love in my heart that I met in Sedona and not forget it!

Michelle I am so grateful, for these days. You have helped me to open my heart.

My Son and I are more close to each other from now. He said that he could feel it so clearly.He is also completely happy with his family now.

Our love is so strong now, so we can spread it out. We are so happy!

All our children can feel it, they can see that their Mother has changed.

Another unforgettable experence is our meeting with Joseph White Wolf. He explained to me and Lars so much about our union and mission together.

THANK YOU so much for the wonderful days in the magic town Sedona.

We want to come back.
Love from Boel,
Lars also sends Love to you!

Hello Michelle and thank you for the last newsletter.

Wow, I feel so happy for you reaching into the light of your being. I really want to meet you there, hopefully sooner than later.

I also want to thank you and show my Gratitude for all you have been doing for me.

Almost 3 years ago you helped me, I was hosting an entity in my body and it was very hard living with it. It was literally a fight for my life.

I feel so so much better now when it’s gone. I feel like a free spirit again.

I also have some testimonals from your workshop in Häggvik, Stockholm in spring 2012.

When we were meeting our inner boy and girl I could see our 3 hearts bluecolored, mereged into one large blue heart. I could sense Jesus there throughout the workshop.

When we were taking our very last walk on our path (stig), I cold see, after a while that the path and the sides of the path had become goldish. Like there were a floor an sidewalls, solid, in gold but I could see the path and the nature through the gold. That was amazing and impressing to see when I realized it. Wow, something had really happened during that journey.

Archangel Michael I could sense like a blue energy. Like Jesus also had a blue energy but different blue. (There was a lot of blue energy in that workshop I realized now.) Maybe I should call it the blue workshop 🙂

I know that I experienced more in the workshop but I just don¨t remember it!

But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for Everything you have done for me. Meeting you and attending in your workshops have helped me become lighter and brighter, a more loving spirit.

Thank you and bless you.
With love Siv Söderberg Sweden

Dearest Michelle,

Try one more time… Many many thanks for the beautiful time I had in Hawaii.

You and George really created a sanctuary where we all could feel 100% trust, joy, love and freely express our selves and show how we are.

Thank you for the love you had us all experience. Can´t describe how much this time in Hawaii meant to me.

This trip have taught me so much about my self and shown me a way how I want to live my life; in joy and love — I realized that it is not the life I have led for some time… To confront my present life with the experience on Hawaii made me see the contrasts and the distance to what I really want to create!

So again thank you so much Michelle for this journey and the support to create a beautiful experience for me and all of us as a soulfamily that I felt we truelly are.

All Blessings and love to you!

Happy New Year!

Love and Light
Eva Maria

P.S Include some beautiful pictures on you and George …

Hi Michelle!

Thank you with my whole heart!

The Masters 5 day workshop in Omberg did really match my intention to be in my mastry all the time and to heal in the process!

I have now (among lots of amazing happenings) a clear and deep contact with my universal team — and also with my clients teams when I do channelings for them. And the communication is instant and its like they are standing around me!

I hope to meet you again!

With all my love,


I would like to thank you on a more personal level than through the testimonial I sent you. It is so wonderful to receive the grace I feel is extended to me and mine through your work. And I really am honoured to have the opportunity to attend your sessions and workshops. Even though your work is so profound, it feels so easily accessed due to your guidance. I was really, really happy to see that my father actually decided to stay here after we did the healing work of the fathers DNA.

I have been listening to the cds since the last workshop, and every time my father has looked lighter, and now finally he seemed free. Since a while back I have seen my mother passing through a car crash. During the mothers DNA part of the workshop she told me she was ready to go. I feel I can understand her. Her Earth-life has been really tough and her true self looks really beautiful and light.

Also I am happy that I feel that the numbers are really strong. I received a really long code for companies to break their negative spiral and yesterday when I parked my car, the numbers on my ticket were1144! Kind of nice, wouldn’t you say?

I send you love from the bottom of my heart and I hope to see you next year, if not before.



We met approximately a year ago at the Unity of Sedona, where you conducted a penal gland clearing. I wanted to share with you that your work was truly amazing and a turning point in my life with the divine one.

I cannot thank you enough for the encounter and time that you spent with me, I have read and love your book too; The Creator Speaks.

I hope our paths meet again soon.

In light and love,


I had the privilege of attending the Omberg 5-day Master’s Workshop. I am very grateful that I did! The processes that we were taken through were intense and very powerful. This workshop really taught me the meaning of going within myself, and truly knowing that all wholeness comes from within. Going through and really getting in touch with those old emotions, beliefs, and patterns was very illuminating and refreshing to finally see them for what they are. Getting a chance to re-experience and then release our old story was also a profound experience. The clearing of karmic patterns from our parents and ancestors was quite a shocking and revealing process too! All the activations were powerful and I really felt this on an inner level. My perspective since the workshop has not been the same since!

The group energy was extremely loving and the atmosphere was comfortable and safe. I really came to know and love each and every other person in the group. It was truly a profound and enlightening experience. The food and meals were lovely and staying in Omberg was a huge breath of fresh air. Michelle’s warm, wise, and compassionate energies are extremely helpful for such intense and positive clearings! She really empowered us and gave us some excellent tools to continue our journey to wholeness. She is truly connected to Spirit and is a real blessing to all of us here now during these critical times! I really want to thank Michelle, Marianne, Miriam, and all the others who participated in a fabulous workshop this year! Infinite blessings to you all, thank you so much!

With love,

Eliot Estep

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for going through so much pain and darkness, in order to assist so many of us to release fear patterns holding us back from love.


Dear Michelle, You have opened my heart. You are such a humble and compassionate person so you can see what I need. I would say that you are one of the greatest healers in the world.

Because of you I have healed my broken life, I’m thankful that you have helped me to mend. I have still some work to do, but now I’m peaceful and happy. I’m forever grateful to you Michelle.

love and light
O. M.

Dear Dear Dear Michelle, though only on page142 of Your Miraculous “The CREATOR SPEAKS,” I am out of my human mind with Joyfulness. I am telling You if there were several trillion pages, I could read on…thats how much I love this enlightened Beautiful confirmation of truth!!!

For everyone in Spiritual and Human form…..thank YOU and I love You…

Mrs. Carmen Balko

As our guest speaker this past Sunday, Michelle Phillips talked about Ascending and Awakening to Collective Consciousness. She explained how the Light is hitting every karmic story that we need to clean out, so we can shift into higher consciousness to help create Heaven on Earth. Using personal experiences, she also explained the healing process, and how we are the way showers, assisting all of humanity to ascend. As we do our own healing, we are clearing the way for others to follow. She then took us through a deep meditation process so that we could align with our higher selves, as well as assisting us in manifesting the consciousness of prosperity. Her Sunday talk was followed by an afternoon workshop, which many people said was the best they had ever attended and that they were amazed at the content and the level and depth of healing. So be sure not to miss Michelle when she returns next year as a guest speaker.

Unity of Sedona

(CD’s and DVD’s of our Sacred Services can be ordered by calling the office at 928-282-7181)

Michelle Phillips was our guest speaker this Sunday. From a very real and genuine place, and with lots of well-placed humor, she shared relevant stories about herself and her own self-healing, which led into a process of self-healing for all of us, culminating in the awareness that WE are “the Light of the World.” A highlight was a repeated use of the following affirmation: “The Universe is constantly making exceptions in my favor.” Michelle’s message was again a true message from God and, after speaking, she shared verbal appreciation for all that Michael Mirdad brings to Unity and how he continues to transform the people and the grounds of Unity into a spiritual and physical portal of Divine Love. Her words were quite moving and spontaneous. Everyone who took part in today’s service did it with a smile on their face and in their hearts. What a Joy!

Unity of Sedona


Since November 2008 I have had the great privilege to have six private sessions, over the telephone, with Soul retriever and Soul healer Michelle Phillips. These experiences are life-transforming. Through Michelle so much pain, so many emotional blocks, so much suffering and confusion has been released, Light and love have been brought back into my mind and Soul.

Michelle is always spot on, always compassionate, respectful and professional in this work that she performs with her spiritual team.
Several People in my family and some friends have had the same experience.

As a professional doctor (family medicine/general practice) I often wish to see healing take place but this rarely happens other than temporarily. With Michelle, on the other hand, I have every time experienced HEALING in the true sense!

I completely trust Michelle´s professional skills, her always present love and her divine spiritual team!

Lars, M.D.

Hi Michelle,

Looking forward to meeting you again! Your courses have really changed my life and I just want more…

Thank you !Thank You !Thank You!
Many blessings,
Regina Sundell

For me, it was one of the greatest experiences in my life. For the first time in my life, I felt happy and stayed that way a long period after the workshop. I have had a lot of fun in my life and often felt good, but I had never been happy before. I had never been just myself; I had always acted from some kind of mask that I unconsciously believed I needed to be accepted. I was thinking from the mind most of the time, even though I believed I was acting from my heart. I have done a lot of inner work through the years, but it was like at this workshop, I could release the stuff I could not get in touch with before no matter how hard I tried. Before, I had all this knowledge, but it was not consolidated in my heart.

There were so many components making it wonderful. The people, the feeling of being a family, and feeling totally safe to let go of everything coming up, knowing that everybody was in the same boat 24 hours a day for five days. To be together with a teacher you trust and other people you also trust in this kind of process (Most of us did not know each other when we came, but after the first presentation, you just knew that this was a safe, loving place to be in.), food served, not having to think about what to eat the next time. We did not even have to think about when to eat; the only thing we had to do was allow ourselves to go into the processes and do the best we could to release. That is a wonderful foundation for transforming to a better, happier human being. The location of the workshop was wonderful, such a peaceful place to be, next to water and no people around. I loved every moment.

Every process we went through was incredibly powerful for me. There were all these different kinds of people and so many things alike in everybody’s life. I had the same feeling when we did the Shadow work, and so many people told about the same things my own Shadow was talking about. For me, that was a big release: to see that these wonderful people (many of them seem so confident in themselves) have the same sort of issues I have. If these people have seen my Shadow and nothing bad happened, maybe it is not that dangerous to show who I am in the world outside either…that was my feeling. And the thing is that after this work, I don’t see my Shadow as often as before, and when it comes I often recognize it as what it is and can let it go in peace. Or, if it is needed, I take the challenge to transform whatever it is, instead of acting like a victim…At least most of the time; I have to admit that I have stayed in the victim consciousness for a while, sometimes. 😉 I did not have any big physical problems. My problem was that I had like a big, grey cloud around me that had been there for many years. It made me feel depressed, and I could not feel what was what in different situations, did not trust myself if I felt something and someone else felt something else. I did not know which thoughts were mine and which ones came from this cloud. I got sad, but I could not express my feelings, so instead, I closed my intuition off and closed my heart to people, thinking I was better off alone. This cloud disappeared during these five days, and I assure you that I had worked hard before to get rid of it, but nothing seemed to help for any period of time. When I came home from Omberg, I had to begin to look at myself and get to know myself again, who I really am. This cloud around me had been there for such a long time that I believed it was me, and when it was gone, I did not know myself anymore. Now it has been gone for around five months, and I still feel so much more whole and stronger than I ever had before. I have crisis, but now I know how it is supposed to feel when I am whole. I have another trust in myself, my power, and in the universe. I can feel that my life has a purpose and that I can make a difference.

Michelle as a guide/teacher in these processes is the best. With her, I feel absolutely safe. She has so much integrity, patience, and gives everyone the attention they need. The work coming through her is amazing. The techniques make the work of letting go so easy, often exciting! Sometimes I feel like a detective finding new cases in every corner of my life. It becomes an exciting trip finding these issues to transform, instead of a way just to survive.

I released so much old pain and patterns during these days that I now am able to see people and things that happen in my life from a totally different view. Most of the time, I have a lot more compassion with people, and at the same time, it is easier for me to set limits when I feel that something is wrong. I trust myself much more now.

Thank you Michelle for doing the work you are doing!

Love, Annette Hagman