Sedona medium/psychic/past life regressionest.

Sedona medium/psychic/past life regressionest.

Michelle is the author of “The Creator Speaks”, which was released in October 2009. The book was channeled through Michelle from the Creator and explains of the larger picture of Creation, the Shadow’s purpose and why we are on the Earth at this time. Michelle has had personal contact and Shadow experiences and from the healing and release of her own trauma experiences she learned to assist others to remember, heal and release their Shadow/”Dark Night of the Soul” trauma.

Michelle has facilitated many different workshops world wide that have successfully closed the door to the Shadow, individually and as a collective consciousness. Michelle believes that this is the lifetime we have agreed to come full circle, out of duality, out of karmic agreements and contracts and that all of our experiences have a frame of reference elsewhere, in other lifetimes or dimensions. We are here to balance and integrate our male and female energies through all dimensions to Co-Create Heaven on Earth in all life forms.

As we moved through the much awaited 2012 doorway, we collectively agreed to move into Enlightenment, Ascension, and Oneness. Through this higher contract our Shadow selves are becoming self-realized and re-aligning with our light. Our light is transmuting our shadows fear into Love. As they are merging into one higher consciousness they will dance together in love, light, health happiness, joy, prosperity and freedom and move us collectively into the morphogenetic fields of these frequencies.

In 1989, Michelle was contacted by “Ashtar” of higher galactic intelligence. He physically manifested in her living room and explained her life’s purpose: “To assist the planet to heal by healing individuals. As these individuals release their emotional karmic agreements and contracts a domino effect happens, which begins to heal their entire family unit. They also showed her how to turn her vibration up to higher dimensional frequencies. When this occurred, clients began to come to Michelle and say: “I just realized that I had missed time”, or “I just now remembered that I saw a UFO,” or they remembered energies around them that weren’t light. Michelle soon realized that her vibration was high enough to activate their repressed memories which opened them up to the experiences that they had gone through. Michelle was also able to see and successfully release and remove implants, microchips, curses, codings, taggings, karmic agreements, and contracts. This closed the door to their “Dark Night of the Soul” experiences.

One evening, Michelle was visited by what she calls the “Shadow Beings”. This visit was the beginning of her own “Dark Night of the Soul” Shadow experience that at times she was not sure she would live through. Up until this visit, Michelle had no conscious belief or understanding of darkness or duality. She only had spiritual experiences and connections with the highest light and love. Michelle intuitively knew that she would write a book about her “Dark Night of the Soul” and that she needed to go through the experiences to be able to assist others out of their similar “Dark Night” experiences. Christ told her, “Because of your collective Karmic agreement in this lifetime, I cannot give you the answers, but I can show you where to go to find them.” (which he did)

Michelle experienced many of the Shadow’s manipulations and direct interferences. Many of these experiences were documented on videotape by the well-known Swedish-American documentary filmmaker, Judith Bourque. Through these experiences, Jesus taught Michelle to travel to many other dimensions, planets, universes, and galaxies to retrieve Soul aspects of herself and the collective. She was given rights of passage to many planetary, crystal, and computer systems where she was shown that our Earth is an extension of all other universal life force. And as we, individually, move into Oneness, so does all of Creation because we are all of Creation. It is through these experiences that Michelle earned the title “Galactic Shaman” because of her ability to travel through so many dimensions and levels of consciousness. Through these travel experiences, she is able to retrieve aspects of your Soul and to re-connect you to your higher multi-dimensional selves throughout Creation and into the home of your OverSoul.

Michelle knows from higher dimensional experiences that there is no past or future. From this perspective, everything is happening all at once in the present moment. We are living every lifetime and experiencing in the now. If you have abduction, Shadow, or “Dark Night of the Soul” experiences, a doorway is still open inside of you from another lifetime, Karmic agreement or contract. You have brought the experiences into the now of this lifetime to forgive, heal and release them for yourself and the collective.

Michelle’s work is to assist others into“The light at the end of the tunnel.”

“The light at The end of the tunnel” is yourself moving into your Soul’s higher love, light, purpose and magnificence. As you move into this higher state of knowing, your own love and light will shine so brightly that all you come into contact with will shift into a higher collective consciousness. It is important to realize that if you have had these Shadow experiences, the intention is not to ruin your life—just the opposite. As you heal the trauma of these experiences, you can close the door to Shadow lifetimes of opposition, raise your vibration beyond duality, re-align with your Soul’s purpose, your mission, and the truth of who you really are, which is Love and light!

Love is such a great power that its color-sound frequency breaks all fear-based barriers and illusions. As you awaken into self-love on all levels of your Being, this will close the door to any unwanted interference or frequencies. Love is the strongest and only power there is.
Whatever the Question love is always the answer!!

My Books and Audio

These written and audio communications are passages, taking you through your Soul’s journey of evolution and activating codings in your DNA of your Soul’s highest consciousness.