Michelle Phillips, spiritual medium/healer/psychic.

Michelle Phillips, spiritual medium/healer/psychic.

By participating in Michelle’s workshops and private sessions, you will easily change and shift the areas of your life that create emotional concern and conflict, or that hold you back from what you want most in life. You will experience great healing and changes in your mental, emotional, and physical bodies clearing and shifting DNA/genetic/epigenetic patterns of sickness-dis-ease and lack. You will shift unwanted aspects of your personality and release fears, phobias, low self-esteem, past difficult patterns and experiences, trauma, feelings of being unloved, loneliness, and many other imbalanced areas of your life.

Her work includes many different workshops, all are the embodiment of The Christ- I AM Presence.“The Masters—Expect A Miracle Workshop.” In these workshops you can expect a great shift in all areas of your life. Other workshops can be designed to fit individual needs.

Letter from Michelle

Dear Spiritual Family Masters and Co-Creators,

My heart is full of love, grace, and gratitude to be able to be with you on Mother Earth during this great awakening of Enlightenment, Ascension and Oneness. In March 2004, I had a near-death experience in India. While in Spirit, I was guided through many dimensions of light, love and healing by Jesus and my Spiritual Team. I was taken into the center of the Golden Christ Energy of Creation. I was shown and taught much of my new Spiritual Work. I was told that in my workshops and spiritual work with others, many would awaken, become enlightened, and move together into Oneness. I am now experiencing this in my workshops. Through Pineal Gland Activation, releasing, re-programming and re-patterning the DNA through all dimensions, I am seeing many of you moving into a heightened awareness and enlightenment, and becoming Masters of your own Creation. I believe my whole life’s journey has been to bring me to this place to assist the masses in Co-Creation, Enlightenment, and Ascension. I am truly humbled, blessed, and honored to be able to serve on this level. I look forward to assisting and sharing the next steps of our Soul’s journey together. Through intention, we are becoming our own Guru, Master, and Co-Creator of our greatest desires – becoming one, and co-creating heaven on Earth in all life forms. We can then, together ride the waves of this great awakening through all spiritual doorways and timelines through Ascension, Enlightenment, and Oneness.

In love, light, grace, and gratitude,



The 1 – 5 Day “Masters Workshop” includes many of her healing modalities and are individually created to fit the needs of the group. These modalities assist individuals to move quickly out of Karmic, frozen, emotional contracts and agreements, through the veils of illusion and into integration of light, health, prosperity, wholeness, freedom, peace harmony, grace and love of their Being.

Pineal Gland Activation

DNA – shifting – healing – reprogramming – Activation ~

Epigenetic/ancestral healing

morphogentic field higher merging

Shadow/Light ~ Healing Integration

Twin Flame Healing ~ Re-balance

Chakra System Healing

New Chakra System Download

Sub-Personality Release

Akashic Record -Contract Release

Heart/Soul Theta Healing

Emotional Color-Sound Healing

Many Creator Enlightenment Matrix Transmissions

Many more Master Activations and Re-patternings

In the Masters Workshop, you will travel through the DNA of your biological and adopted Mother – Father – Ancestors – Self and into the Male/Female God – Creator Self! From this, you will be able to find and release genetic patterns of sickness, dis-ease, fear, emotional conflicts, and imbalance. As you travel through your Ancestor’s DNA, you will release emotional collective patterns of fear, an imbalance between male and female, prejudice, hatred, war, and many more genetic patterns (epigenetic emotions) that affect your subtle energy bodies, that in turn, short-circuit your physical bodies. Through Soul retrieval, you will retrieve and activate your light that is still vibrating karmically in the genetic pattern. This frees all of your bodies to vibrate in harmony, in love, health, and wholeness.

Through experiencing, disempowering, and integrating with your Shadow, your Shadow will actually become an ally, and your light and Shadow will merge and dance together in joy and freedom. Color and sound will be used to release frozen emotions that hold you back from love and your greatest desires. Through Pineal Gland activation, you will re-align with Source energy to become the Co-Creator of your life. Be prepared to be taken through many other healings and awakenings.

By the end of this workshop, you will experience, feel, and know that you are the Master within yourself. You will become one with your spiritual team and Co-Create a new script for a new lifetime on the Earth without physically leaving your body. You will become free, conscious, Co-Creators of your Soul’s purpose, of your own happiness and joy, and from this place, move out of the “I ME” and into the” I AM” of Oneness, into your birthright and your Soul’s agreement of freedom, enlightenment, and Ascension.


Michelle Phillips, Sedona spiritual teacher/author/healer.

Michelle Phillips, Sedona spiritual teacher/author/healer.

All of the spiritual healing modalities that come through Michelle are experiential and come from her own healing process. Through these healing techniques and workshops, you will release Karmic contracts, blockages, frozen emotions, and will move through and release many of the veils of illusion that you are carrying for yourself, your ancestors and the collective. Within this healing balance, the re-awakening of the light of your own Being illuminates your higher spiritual purpose and mission, opening the doors to the Master within yourself.

DNA Activation ~ Release – Repatterning ~ Deep pain is often from energetic imprints of loss, fear, sexual abuse, hunger, war, poverty or despair activated by our ancestors. Travel through the DNA of your biological Mother/Father/Ancestors to release these genetic patterns that keep you from a vibrant life. Michelle re-patterns the deep wounds that are blocking you. This frees all of your bodies to vibrate in health, wholeness, love, freedom, joy, happiness, harmony, prosperity, and Oneness.

DNA healing, release came to Michelle after she was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She started looking at her family’s genetic history and saw that her father seemed to carry many of the same health issues that she had gone through. She decided to travel energetically through her Father and Mother’s DNA, which had a profound healing effect. Through Soul retrieval she was able to bring back aspects of her health and light that were still connected to their DNA programming, and when she went in for surgery, not a trace of cancer was found! Michelle will shine Light into your unknown DNA patterns that are effecting your inner and are holding you back from what you want most in life. From this healing you can expect a deep and lasting shift into health and harmony.

Pineal gland activation / Re-connection to Creator ~ This gland is your direct phone line to Source – I AM – Love – Creator Energy. It is the home of your Soul. As you set intentions, you become one with Creation and Co-Create from this pure Source Energy to manifest your greatest desires easily in the now.

Time Line Healing ~ Follow the timeline into the past and future, healing and releasing obstacles that block you from experiencing yourself in the now.

Sundial Healing ~ The Creator brought this technique to Michelle. It was used in ancient Egypt by the feminine. Sickness, disease, and Karma are in a time frame. The High Priestesses were able to heal people by placing them in the sundial and moving the dial beyond time, which moved their problem beyond time. Because the problem was in a time frequency, as the sundial moved through time, it dissipated the memory of the disease, which brought the person back into alignment with the highest consciousness of all of their bodies.

Soul-Readings / Higher Self Integration / Past Life ~ Receive healing while getting a soul reading in this powerful session that will merge you with your Higher Self. Michelle guides you back into your Spirit before coming into this lifetime.! She reads your body, chakras, feelings and emotions as they are today, as they were in the womb and while in youth. This process reveals the lessons and emotions that are holding you back from going forward. From this reading and healing release, you will receive clarity, understanding, guidance, and a greater sense of freedom. You’ll make clearer, more conscious decisions after this healing because it drops the victim energy of your story. You will receive the essence of the real you and your purpose.Your life will make sense to you! Also, it is common that a recipient recalls a past life that is important in their current healing today. Read one of many testimonials on past life recall and healing here.

Past Life Regression / Soul Retrieval ~ You release from your cells and DNA memories from other lifetimes and realities that are creating conflict, sickness, and disease in present relationships and situations. You will bring aspects of your life and health that were still trapped emotionally in the agreements of the lifetime, back into the now.

Inner Child Therapy / Childhood Trauma ~ Michelle will take you back into your Mother’s womb and/or other childhood experiences so that you can activate, feel, remember and release ancestral patterns, Soul agreements, belief systems, emotional patterns, and traumas that hold you back from going forward in life. As your magical little girl and little boy within you release old traumas, they will feel safe to open their hearts and reconnect to the love of Mother/Father/God, their spiritual parents. From a place of love within, your inner spiritual parents will assist you to re-parent these children, so that they have hope and feel loved, safe, validated, and seen. As they feel loved and safe, you the adult will, because you always experience life through the emotions of your inner children.

Twin-Flame Healing of Imbalance ~ Michelle releases the emotions of fear, abandonment, and betrayal that were created by splitting from your Twin Flame. Through past life regression and soul retrieval, Michelle takes you into your original agreement with your Twin Flame so you may retrieve aspects of yourself still in the vibration of that split. Often a person has such intense emotions from this separation that have decided at a deep level to not bring love into life. You will go through an emotional release as Michelle activates and integrates the Second Coming of the Christ Twin-Flame energy within you. From this integrated balance of self, you will re-write your script and open the door for your divine partner to come to you now in this lifetime. From this intention and communication with each other in other dimensions, your energies will physically come back together in this lifetime.

Relationship Issues ~ What are the deep and unknown patterns that create conflict within your relationships today? Michelle guides you out of your current belief system and into a frame of reference where you can see the bigger picture, the true framework that is causing the conflict in this life. Relationship patterns become their own entity, make you believe something that is not true and war against your real Truth and the heart of the relationship. The ego is in alignment with these patterns. Because of this you can’t see what truly needs healing. When you can find and release the patterns, you are able to come back into the heart with one another and remember why you were attracted to each other in the first place. With Michelle’s assistance healing takes place, you move out of the story of the pattern and are able to Co-Create a healthy, loving relationship.

Emotional Healings – Addiction – Health Issues – Weight loss ~ Addictions, health and weight issues are related to blocked emotions from past, present, and future stories. Michelle incorporates many healing modalities to assist you to heal old emotional wounds and structures. As you release the frozen emotions, you release the desire to self-medicate with food and other addictions. This allows you to open up to greater, higher, more conscious, loving aspects of yourself, to become the director and Co-Creator of your life.

Cellular Toning / Sound & Color Healing ~ These frequencies penetrate and break up old, frozen emotions that keep you stuck in past, unhealthy patterns. From this release you expand into the higher consciousness of your Being; awakening your own Self-Love – your passion, your creativity, your life force, and your Soul’s higher purpose.

Sub-Personality Release and Integration ~ Through this healing process, you will find, heal, and release within yourself the sub-personality that your brain assisted you to create to keep yourself safe when you were going through traumatic experiences. The sub-personality was formed as a protection in your time of need, only now, it holds you back from your Soul’s growth. It still thinks hat you need its assistance, and when you least expect it, it steps in and sabotages you. Through love, honor and respect, we will dissipate and release this over-protective personality back into the light. This frees you to become totally balanced within yourself and to be able to make decisions from this self-love and balance.

Healing Shadow / Dark Night Experiences ~ Through her own healing process, Michelle has gained knowledge and learned how to take others into the “frame of reference” or dimensions where these Karmic agreements have taken place. She is able to travel through the Shadow within your bodies into other lifetimes, dimensions, and realities to find and release the Karmic agreements that open the door for these experiences to happen. She is able to bring back Soul aspects trapped in these dimensions and close the door to these unwanted experiences.

From this inner place of healing, you will meet many spiritual guides, ascended Masters, and teachers who will assist you to remember your own self-love and magnificence. They will guide you through many dimensions to re-connect to even higher, multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. You are in the Ascension and Enlightenment process that moved you through the 2012 doorway into self-realization, and into the birthright and truth of your Being. Michelle’s work is now to show others “the light at the end of the tunnel” and to realize that all of your life’s experiences are by agreement and that you are all that you have ever looked for!

The Second Coming of the Magdalene Christ Awakening ~ The land in Southern France is the feminine, the Magdalene, of the Second Coming of Christ. The participants in this workshop will release the collective consciousness of the crucifixion of Christ and the denial of the feminine. Magdalene will lead you through many initiations of activating and awakening the feminine within yourself. This will open your hearts and Souls to receive Magdalene’s initiations of the awakening of the feminine and to balance the Magdalene/Christ Second Coming within yourself.

Again, through initiation, you will receive many activations and alignments, which aligns your Twin Flame frequency with Jeshua and Magdalene who are the Twin Flame OverSoul for Mother Earth. The land and the I AM become one and activate your Soul’s Song. You will become the land of the Magdalene, the Song of Creation, the Second Coming of Christ, and the I AM of All That Is, moving you into Oneness of all creation.

Michelle currently resides in Sedona, Arizona. She is available for lectures, workshops, private sessions and phone sessions.

My Books and Audio

These written and audio communications are passages, taking you through your Soul’s journey of evolution and activating codings in your DNA of your Soul’s highest consciousness.