Michelle Phillips, Spiritual Author/healer/psychic.

Michelle Phillips, Spiritual Author/healer/psychic.

Dear Spiritual Family and Friends,

Many blessings for an amazing, magical “2023” New Year of New Beginnings!!! Yes! Yes! Yes!! I know we are all ready for new beginnings!!

2022 was another year of karmic completion of old endings, of letting go of the past to make room for the new. The year was very intense because we are in the core or roots of the patterns and collective karmic agreements that we agreed to come into this lifetime to shift, heal, clear, and free from ourselves and the collective.

What we must remember is; that we are not victims, that no one has ever done anything to us that we did not agree to go through, and that we signed up for this incredible Soul’s Awakening-karmic clearing. We knew before coming down here that this ascension process was not going to be an easy task, but as Masters, Co-Creators and Wayshowers we knew that together we could do this. We came into this lifetime to free ourselves from all lifetimes of separation, of divisions, of illusions, and to awaken and move into our authentic selves, our God/goddess selves multi-dimensionally. (And we are doing this!!)

With this Awakening, we also knew that as we healed and loved ourselves, our Love would mirror and turn the light on in many others. We signed up to assist the collective to shift out of duality and back into One heart of love, into caring and supporting one another as we merged into”The New World” of Oneness.

Our past elections in America have affected the whole world, it seems that we have never been more divided, and yet from this, we are figuring out our differences, what is important to us, finding our voices, and our own inner strength and are taking our power back from many control systems. We are choosing what we want for ourselves, our children, and future generations.

In my Book “The Creator, Archangels & Masters Speak – On The Cosmic Ascension” the Masters explain that in the higher dimensions, all political candidates are on the same team. They are great Masters that have agreed to come to the Earth to wake everyone up, to create more seemingly separation so that people would wake up, and find their own inner truth and voice. Through this incredible fear-based division people are choosing the high road of Love and are coming back together beyond cultures, color, sexual preferences, religions, etc., and are opening their hearts to love and support of one another.

We are Ascending, this is it—what we have been talking about for years, the Ascension!!! Isn’t Creation amazing? As we are ascending and shifting dimensions, we are receiving many DNA activations from Creation, that are shifting us into higher vibrations of ourselves multi-dimensionally. We are remembering who we are and are waking up to our higher spiritual calling and are collectively merging into higher dimensions of ourselves. These activations have turned up our light, activating more layers of what we needed to shift karmically. We are shifting through many timelines of karmic completions.

In this New Year-New Lifetime, honor yourself for all that you have gone through, set intentions for your New Lifetimes journey and match and merge with like frequencies. Be grateful for all that you have gone through, all that you have completed in this short amount of time on Earth and you will bring more into your life to be grateful for. Forgive yourself, forgive yourself and forgive yourself some more. (Remember all has been by agreement).

In this New lifetime and year of New Beginnings, we have to opportunity and choice to make new agreements to rewrite our new script. Even if you have done this before, do it again and again until you move into the higher frequencies of your New lifetime’s passion and purpose. From this shift, all will be revealed and unfold for you.

The person that you spend the most time with and that will be with forever is you! Become your own best friend. As you forgive yourself, it is much easier to forgive others. Forgiveness and gratitude opens our hearts to even greater love. This heart opening allows us to experience life through our own lens of love and to experience others and the world through the One heart of Love, the Love in which we were all first created. Happy New Year-Happy New Lifetime!!

In Love gratitude and grace. Michelle Phillips

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I will see all of you soon, in October. I am just finishing putting my Swedish trip together. I will send another mailing out with my itinerary and it will also be up on my website soon. I am excited and grateful to be able to see all of you again. I also have new energies and higher vibrational processes coming through me that I am honored to share with all of you!!