8 march 7.00 -10.00Lecture: Healing/re-programming Ancestral DNA patterns
12-13 March Workshop: Masters/Expect a miracle
For Workshop—private sessions
contact: Elvy 0910-778 178 or 070-831 80 78
23-28 March
5-days workshop/retreat: “Masters Homecoming/ Expect a miracle” retreat.
Expect a profound personal/relationship healing.
Clear subconscious mind/release—heal—ancestral patterns, sickness/disease and belief systems.
Clear/shift CELLS/DNA (epigenetic) systems into source DNA of love, light, health, joy, happiness and Soul’s higher purpose and Freedom.
For retreat and private sessions 
contact: Vivian,
This retreat is the highest energy source that Spirit has ever brought through me and I am honored to share the Creator’s amazing downloads with you.

Harmoni Expo Solna 
2-3 April
Speach in main room: How to shift into your “Souls higher purpose”
Lecture/Group healingDNA healing, shifting and re-programming  


11 april Lecture: Ancestral DNA-healing/reprogramming
16-17 April Workshop: Masters/Expect a miracle
For workshop-private sessions
contact :Annelie Arvidsson, annelic.e.s75@gmail.comtelenr 076-8436201
For workshop
contact: Lena Brännholm, , telnr: 0706195590


29-30 April
Lectures/private sessions
contact: Marlene, 072-727 05 55 
6-7 May
Workshop: “Masters/Expect a miracle”
For Workshop—private sessions in Stockholm



9 May 6:30-9:30pm
Mini-Workshop with Michelle; “The Creator and Spirit”  Clearing and release of old emotions and patterns.
Coding and activation downloads for the new lifetime that we are Ascending and awakening into.
Mini-Workshop at Hälsans Hus with Michelle Phillips – Ascension activations and healing with spirit

Hälsans Hus in Stockholm, Sweden