Souls Awakening

Michelle is the developer and facilitator of the “Christ Ray Healing Technique” from her book, “The Creator Heals.”

She has taught both worldwide.

Michelle Phillips is an internationally renowned intuitive, healer, speaker, teacher, author and workshop facilitator. She has appeared on various radio and TV shows worldwide. For over 5 years she was the host of the very popular live call-in spiritual television show, “Soul’s Awakening”. She was the co-host of the radio show “Soul’s Purpose Salon” and while living in Northern California, she started the monthly “Spiritual Connection Breakfast”.

Michelle is the Author of 5 books “The Creator Speaks” ,”The Creator Teaches“, “The Creator Heals” , “The Creator Archangels & Masters Speak on the Cosmic Ascension” & “The Light at the End of the Tunnel.” The Cosmic Ascension gives us hope by explaining the larger picture of what is happening on our planet now; that we are in a “collective dark night of the soul” and that there absolutely is a “light at the end of the tunnel.” We are shifting dimensions and coming home, full circle into the ONENESS from which we were first created.

Her most recent book Surfing through Heavens Doorways was written with her son Frank after he left this world into the higher heavenly spiritual realms.

Shift and heal the DNA by using God Source Love Energy to clear old programs and patterns, then reprogram the DNA by matching and merging personal and collective intentions with Universal Source Love Energy.

Michelle Phillips, spiritual medium/psychic and past life regressionest.

Michelle Phillips, spiritual medium/psychic and past life regressionest.

Michelle was born conscious of her gifts and always had a direct connection to the Source. She began her conscious spiritual work after healing her son from a severe kidney ailment.

Since that Spiritual Awakening, she has dedicated her life to her spiritual purpose and mission, assisting others in their Soul’s Awakening, self love and purpose; co -creating Heaven on Earth in all life forms.
All of Michelle’s work is the embodiment of the “Christ Creator (God) source energies (male/female) integration as one consciousness.

Michelle shifts your mental, emotional, Physical, cellular genetic, DNA by using past life regression and other modalities to find the frame of reference that is causing you conflict today. These conflicts arise as relationship struggles, illness, frozen emotions, depression, low self-esteem, loneliness, phobias and other imbalances that keep a person from living the life they desire. Michelle follows these energies to their source to transmute them for lasting-healing. Michelle uses past life,, soul retrieval, inner child therapy, DNA healing and activations, shadow-healing and much more to restore your energy with the Light of God. Michelle’s techniques that you’ll receive in a private session or workshop are listed below.

Michelle’s various modalities were given to her from Christ and downloaded through her own healing process. She refers to Christ as her “main man.” He made contact with her at a very young age and has always been her spiritual teacher and confidant. Her techniques are constantly evolving and expanding as human consciousness opens more to releasing epigenetic patterns and unconscious memories carried through the DNA. One of her most common requests is to shift patterns around relationships to others and to money. To transmute ingrained patterns into Love, Michelle sees into your DNA, ancestral or past life memories, awakens that part of your soul that was fragmented and lost to a trauma. She activates and replaces the cellular memory with Light and sound. By activating the Source within you, you will move into peace, Love, health, harmony, freedom and forgiveness.

Here is a testimonial on how Michelle’s Soul Retrieval works:

“I received immediate and lasting healing with Michelle Phillip’s Soul Retrieval session. Before the session I thought that I was quite well, but had struggled with a lack of energy from an injury that kept me from exercising much. Michelle took me to a time in Atlantis where I could have chosen to be a Light Worker, but instead lived in the greedier, darker side of life. I watched Atlantis be destroyed. I hadn’t been aware of this lifetime before, but in that moment with Michelle I was completely aware and awakened to this event as what was truly holding me back in life. I had been equating money with destruction this entire life and somewhere deep inside of me, I was holding myself back from abundance due to this memory. Michelle shifted it for me completely. That aspect transmuted within me for 3 days after Michelle’s session and the WOW! Not only have I been aligned to abundance and receiving since that day, ALL of my energy is back and I have returned to the exercise and vibrant life I’ve been missing for years! Thank you Michelle!”

Michelle Faith Lucas

Healer and Founder of Creating Forward

Read more testimonials on her psychic healing and soul retrieval work here.

Michelle Phillips, Sedona medium/spiritual healer/psychic.

Sedona medium/spiritual healer/psychic.

Expect great changes in a session or workshop with Michelle. Healing occurs in the mental, emotional, physical and cellular bodies. Michelle releases patterns of sadness, sickness, dis-ease and lack. Michelle releases unwanted aspects of the personality: fears, phobias, low self esteem, past difficult patterns and experiences, trauma, feelings of being unloved, loneliness, and many other imbalances. In her 30+ years of experience, Michelle has activated immediate shifts for thousands.

In the 80’s she became a conscious channel for a Spiritual Being named “White Lilly.” Michelle and White Lilly worked together for over 10 years teaching classes and workshops in the US, Europe and Japan. White Lilly’s energies eventually integrated with Michelle so that she could reach a larger audience.

Michelle has been referred to as an Inter-Galactic Shaman because of her knowledge and ability to travel through many dimensions – Light/Dark, Shadow, Above and Below. She is known as the Healer’s Healer. Many people come to Michelle as a last resort, when everything else has failed, and from her work they experience life-changing transformations.

Michelle believes that this is the lifetime that we have agreed to come full circle. Everything that is going on in this lifetime has a “frame of reference” elsewhere. Because this is the lifetime of completion, we are going through a Karmic death, individually and collectively, and a re-birth of our love, light, innocence and magnificence in which we were first created. We are actually coming into a new lifetime on the Earth plane without physically leaving the body. We are Co-Creating heaven on Earth in all life forms.

Michelle was guided by Jesus to facilitate her workshops in Southern France, in the heart of the Magdalene/Jeshua awakening. She is being guided to continue to facilitate many more pilgrimages to France to assist in the collective awakening of the feminine Christ. She is also a guide for retreats in Sedona, Arizona, Hawaii, the UK, and Sweden.

Michelle is currently living in Sedona, Arizona. She is available to provide her experiential evenings, lectures, and workshops worldwide. She works in the United States, Hawaii, Europe, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, India, and Japan. Michelle also offers private in-person and long-distance phone sessions.

Because there is no time or distance, a phone session has the same powerful experience and healing; it’s as if you had been with her in-person.

My Books and Audio

These written and audio communications are passages, taking you through your Soul’s journey of evolution and activating codings in your DNA of your Soul’s highest consciousness.