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2018 Tour Completion in Sweden, October – November

6-7 October 2018
Spiritual Expo -“Ornskoldsvik”

13-14 October
Workshop “Ornskoldsvik”: New Miracles workshop
contact phone 76 8436201

October “Mora”: New Miracles workshop
Date to be announced
contact: Mari phone 70 6375437

17 October
Healing lecture: “Stockholm “
Heal clear karmic DNA-Activate new DNA codes
contact: Eva Svensson

27-28 October
Harmoni Fair -” Stockholm”: lecture/group healing

3-4 November
“Stockholm workshop” New Miracles workshop
contact Mia Vansolin

10-11 November
“Gavle” New Homecoming workshop
not a beginner workshop must have done a workshop or had a private session with me.
Contact: Charlotta Mol 72 561 2303

13 November Tuesday
Group Healing
Unplugging from karmic matrix DNA programming
Realign/integrate with Souls Divine Blueprint
cost 350 KR
Halsans Hus
Fjallgatan 23 B Stockholm

Palmer Events Center,
900 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX
Click here for directions

Weekend Admission $12

New, just announced Mini Workshop,
Group Healing

30 May, Wednesday 18:30 -21:30
Halsans Hus, Stockholm
Cost 350 Kr

Group Healing

Clear past karmic DNA systems,
Activate Souls New Lifetime,
New Frequency Templates.

Questions and answers.

Swedish Schedule 2018
“Masters—New Beginnings/Miracles Workshops”


Omberg Retreat
28 March-2 April 2018
5 Day “Souls Awakening” Masters Expect a Miracle
Contact: or phone +46767776696


7-8 April 2018
Harmoni Expo Fair
Heal Karmic DNA-Activate New DNA systems
Lecture/Group Healing

2-May 2018
Healing lecture Stockholm –
Heal/clear karmic DNA —Activate New DNA Codes
Kammakargatan 56, Stockholm
contact: Eva Svensson,

26-27 May 2018
Stockholm, Workshop
For workshop, private sessions contact:
Mia Vansolin,
070-756 7784

13 April 2018
18:30 – 21:30
Friday Lecture: Group Healing
Unplugging from Karmic matrix DNA
Realign with Souls Divine Essence/Blueprint
Cost 250 KR
Halsans Hus
Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm


21-22 April 2018 Workshop
For workshop, private sessions contact: or phone: +4676-8436201


28-29 April 2018 Fair/Expo
Heal Karmic DNA-Activate New DNA systems
Lecture/group Healing


12-13 May 2018, Workshop
For workshop, private sessions contact:
Elvy Lindblom 0910-778 178 or +4670 831 8078


19-20 May 2018, Workshop
For Workshop, private sessions contact:
Mari Eriksson or phone: +46 70 637 54 37


9-10 June 2018, Workshop
For workshop, private sessions contact:
Charlotta Mol or phone +4672-5612303

Super Blue Moon / Eclipse DNA Healing Workshop!

January 31, 2018
7pm to 9 – 9:30pm
Awakenings Yoga Studio
2855 Southwest Dr.
$25 at door

“Michelle Phillips has been guided by Spirit to conduct a workshop on the full moon and eclipse to heal/clear karmic DNA multidimensionally; activate new DNA codes and downloads. Multidimensional resetting of New Lifetime, New Journey, New Earth. Should be very powerful and she is honored to be spirits channel.”

See you there!

Group Healing from “The Creator and Spirit”
Multidimensional Time Line Healing and Soul Retrieval

2 December 2017  18:00 to 21:00
Healing from Spirit
DNA healing- shifting /Reprogramming
Light code activations of New Lifetime -Beginnings
Individual-Group healing from spirit

Cost 350 kr.

Halsans hus,
Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm

For private sessions: Contact Mia:


Workshop: 25-26 November 2017

For workshop- private sessions contact:
072 561 23 03


Workshop: 18 -19 November 2017

For workshop-private sessions contact:
076 843 6201

Calendar Sweden -2018 March-June To be Announced.


August 22, 2017
6pm – 8pm

DNA Shifting — Healing Reprogramming

Learn More


October 12-22, 2017

Hawaii Big Island Retreat — Swim with Dolphins, Lumurian code activations

Learn More

Michelle’s 2017 Schedule for Sweden

michelle-252SWEDEN TOUR EXTENSION: Group Healing from “The Creator and Spirit”

9 JUNE 18:30-21:30
Halsans Hus Fjallagatan 23 B
Cost 350 KR. – cash only

Multidimensional healing-Karmic completion — New Lifetime activation into Oneness

Many of you have asked for another healing evening from Spirit. As I am finishing my tour in Sweden “The Creator” is once again offering a healing for all that are interested. I feel that this will be the most powerful group healing to ever come through me.

The Creator and spirit are asking for you to set an intention as to what it is that you want to shift, heal and release in your life. Each person will have a group of Angels and spiritual healers working with them. With so many healers assisting us from the other side, this evening will be more like a private session. In the session you will also disconnect and clear from the collective or morphogentic field of your intention — the pattern. As you heal the pattern you start clearing for the collective which starts to shift the pattern for the whole world.

Spirit will also continue to activate you into higher dimensions of yourself and into your New Lifetime, of the One Cell of Creation, of ONENESS.

For workshop-private sessions contact:

In all of Michelle’s workshops you can expect profound personal-relationship healings. Clearing of patterns, sickness/disease and belief systems. Shift CELLS/DNA into Self Love, Health, Joy, Freedom. You will receive Creator’s high energy DNA downloads/activations for a New Lifetime of magical New Beginnings.


17 March Friday
18:00 21:00

DNA healing- shifting /Reprogramming
Light code activations of New Lifetime -Beginnings
Group healing and questions answered

Cost 2:00 KR

Halsans hus,
Fjallgatan 23 B, Stockholm

1-2 April
Harmoni Expo Fair

Lecture/Group healing
DNA Heal- release -Reprogram
Light Code activations

26-27 May

Masters-New beginnings / Miracles

For workshop-private sessions, contact:
Eva Lisa
070 642 9582


25-25 MARCH

For workshop-private sessions contact:
0910-778 178 or 070-831 80 78


29-30 April

For workshop- private sessions contact:
072 561 23 03


13-14 May

For workshop-private sessions contact:
070 171 6699


3-4 JUNE

For workshop-private sessions contact:

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